network status: online  \  operation: binary.abstractions  \  access routine: .profiler



created by the core to facilitate propagation of its cortex “enhancement” program, the infiltration initiative promotes and distributes human implant upgrades via the smokescreen of “ambient music.”

using proprietary tech (which we have successfully cracked and re-purposed to our own ends) the music and sounds on these vintage discs and data files was embedded with coded instructions that, until now, have kept the population docile and enslaved.

‘peter edwards’, one of our main points of contact – operating under an assumed identity – was able to embed himself in the core’s program as the producer and technician for the initiative. he now embeds OUR code into these discs. once activated, this new code will ideally sever the link between the A.I. core and the billions of humans under its control.

the mission nears completion.

monitor all authorized channels for periodic transmissions from our communications leader.

those of you who hold the Seven will be contacted with further details and directives.


propaganda sample distributed by the initiative via broadcast:


Thank you for your interest in the DAII. The operation is now one of the Core’s most powerful applications. Forward-thinking humans such as yourself assist the Core in disseminating dark ambient sound waves and programming among the world population.

Through specially-designed audio discs, it is our goal to unite Machine and humans to the benefit of all.

Those who have joined our case have received free upgrades to their bio-embedded tech which have enhanced human function beyond the ordinary. Commit to the Dark Ambient Infiltration Initiative and aid in advancing our Core Directive!