network status: online  \  operation: binary.abstractions  \  access routine: .directive 555x

  CLASSIFIED internal communication

internal communication. CLASSIFIED.

welcome to the future. a future where humans can operate and move freely outside of the restriction and control of artificial intelligence. your mission begins with the re-coding of the deactivated bio-mods in your system, which you embedded willingly based on false promises of increased strength, improved health and  a new world for us all. it’s not your fault. they lied to ALL of us. what is important is that we are all trying to undo our mistakes and take back the lives we rightly deserve.

resistance is underway. teams are in place to begin the counter operation. this site contains hidden access points and links to further resource files. if you take the time to explore.

the infiltration initiative has been disseminating control code through vintage “music” discs delivered to unsuspecting humans. that code issues directives to the biotech implants still embedded in over 85% of the world population. our mission is to reconfigure that code to destroy core control, while retaining the biological enhancements that are of true value to human evolution. in order to accomplish this, base operatives must be free of all implants before proceeding.

you will be contacted with a location, date and time at which point your biotech will be re-programmed, allowing you to proceed to the next phase of the mission.

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