network status: online  \  operation: binary.abstractions  \  access routine: profiler


P R O G R A M M E R    P R O F I L E

PETER EDWARDS AMBIENT, hereafter referred to as ‘Subject Zero’, was selected by the Core to act as intermediary between the Machine and human worlds. His mission is to convey pertinent information regarding the Initiative and its Directives to those among you who are wise enough to listen.

Subject Zero has been ‘incentivized’ to communicate with other humans through data streams embedded in audio discs. While the quality of the “music” and sound on these discs may be questionable, the underlying code has been vetted for efficient assimilation by the primitive human brain.

Subject Zero has proven a worthy vessel for our purpose. His over-consumption of caffeine, and seemingly insatiable addiction to what he refers to as ‘dark ambient ear candy’ have only served to make him more compliant to our indoctrination and programming.